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Are you a social person? Is social media a part of your everyday life? It’s pretty hard to ignore the power of social media in today’s society even if some of us don’t utilize it on a regular basis. The landscape is ever-changing and new communities pop up all the time, but diversityMD has focused on a few of the bigger and more prominent social media communities with which to engage and share with our audience. We’re always looking to grow and have new followers and people to exchange ideas with. Maybe you’ll consider following one or all of the social properties below. We look forward to the conversation.

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The world as we know is it changing. In fact, if you work in the healthcare arena, you may know this better than anyone. The demographic makeup of the US patient base is rapidly changing and so healthcare institutions are struggling to keep up. Employers realize that their medical professionals need to reflect the patients they serve. Follow us on Facebook to join the discussion.

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The world of healthcare is changing and so too is the makeup of the people that take care of all of us. As our world becomes more diverse, we need clinical professionals who can understand how cultural differences and practices can influence a patient’s healthcare needs. Please consider following us on Instagram as we work with employers and clinicians to build a more diverse healthcare environment.

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Do we call it Twitter, or do we call and X? We’re not really sure, but it is a place to exchange ideas and information, so please consider following us on TwitterX! Diversity means many things to many people, so it’s important to share each other’s knowledge and experiences to build a better healthcare environment for the people that need care. Ultimately that will be all of us, so we hope you’ll join us on TwitterX and add to the discussion.

DiversityMD on Pinterest

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Diversity is not just visual. In fact, it is much more complex than just what we all see. However, Pinterest does allow us to use visual assets to show how dynamic and exciting diversity can be. The social media team at DiversityMD works to find imagery that can enhance our perception of diversity and help our users look at the world just a little differently. Follow us to find out!