These Doctors Want To Tell You You’re Stupid If You Don’t Vaccinate Your Kids [VIDEO]

Jonathan Harris

vaxxer2-768x515Jimmy Kimmel made a good point. If you don’t believe what a doctor tells you about vaccines, why would you believe him about anything else? If he’s likely to intentionally poison your children so that he can line the pockets of GlaxoSmithKline, why would you go there when you have the flu or break a bone?

In a new PSA, Kimmel asked real doctors (not actors) to talk to the camera about why parents should vaccinate their children. And they didn’t mince words. If you don’t vaccinate your children, frankly, they think you’re a fucking idiot.

You can tell Kimmel feels very strongly about this issue, since his introduction to the fake PSA is nearly three minutes long. It’s kind of rare for anyone on television to talk alone, on stage, about any given subject.


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