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The Young Physicians Initiative An Innovative Pre-Pipeline Program

Source: Young Physicians Initiative

Less than 15% of American doctors come from underserved backgrounds and communities. Getting into medical school can be a long and difficult process, especially for these individuals, due to lack of access to medical mentorship and network. The Young Physicians Initiative (YPI) was created to address this disparity.

The Young Physicians Initiative ​provides interactive guidance to underserved middle school, high school, and college students. We inspire them to pursue careers in medicine by Being Present in their communities.

We created a “residency training” model for medical students to train each other to be effectively involved in the community and inspire the next generation of diverse doctors.

YPI started with one medical student working in one high school in 2017. Today, we are a team of +50 medical students serving over 20 locations.

The participants will be provided with the necessary support and guidance to develop a structured plan and direction to achieve their goals.

The program addresses the following questions:

  • What is the meaning and purpose of medicine?
  • How to prepare for a medical education?
  • What is it like being a doctor?

The program is implemented at individual high school or college for their own students. A group of interested students is formed with the plan to meet on a regular basis; 2-3 times a semester. Each session is 45-60 minutes and it will focus on an interactive topic about medical career, experience and preparation.

​The sessions will include class discussions, speakers, volunteer experiences and learning about advances in medicine. Estimated time for the program is 6-7 months according to the number of students and commitment of the school administrations.

​The program is FREE for approved high schools and colleges. Our medical professionals are 100% volunteers dedicated to serve and inspire the next generation of doctors.

YPI Impact

Over 6000 students served since 2017
+8 High Schools
+14 Colleges
+3 Middle Schools

Serving +500 students every semester
>60% Female
>60% Underrepresented Minorities​

61% No prior exposure to medical experiences prior to YPI
​85% Interested in becoming a doctor.
91% Interested in medicine to treat and help others
95% Understood of the process of becoming a doctor
100% Recommend the program to friends and classmates
100% Supported by their family to become doctors

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