Saint Francis Memorial Hospital

Since 1905, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital has served the city for which it was named, with extraordinary expertise and extraordinary care. Today we treat more than 1,000,000 Bay Area residents and visitors every year. Saint Francis is a fully accredited community based hospital, with 359 licensed beds. The hospital boasts a staff of over 500 physicians with more than 70 percent holding teaching appointments at medical schools, colleges and universities.

The mission of Dignity Health and Saint Francis Memorial Hospital is to dedicate our resources to: delivering compassionate, high-quality, affordable health services for our sisters and brothers who are poor and disenfranchised; and partnering with others in the community to improve the quality of life.

A growing and diversified health care ministry distinguished by excellent quality and committed to expanding access to those in need.

Our Values

  • Dignity – Respecting the inherent value and worth of each person.
  • Collaboration – Working together with people who support common values and vision to achieve shared goals.
  • Justice – Advocating for social change and acting in ways that promote respect for all persons and demonstrate compassion for our sisters and brothers who are powerless.
  • Stewardship – Cultivating the resources entrusted to us to promote healing and wholeness.
  • Excellence – Exceeding expectations through teamwork and innovation.

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital is an equal opportunity employer.