First Army Physician In Space

Army Lieutenant Colonel and Emergency Physician, Drew Morgan, will be one of two American astronauts heading to the International Space Station next year.

He will launch aboard a Russian Soyuz 59S rocket and spacecraft in July 2019 as a member of Expedition 60/61.

Morgan, who has ties to various Fort Bragg units during his Army career, is set to become the first Army doctor to go to space.

Morgan will head to the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuz 59S rocket and spacecraft in July 2019 as a member of Expedition 60/61.

Drew is a flight surgeon and special operations diving medical officer, having completed Ranger School, the Combat Diver Qualification Course and advanced airborne and freefall parachutist courses.

By the time he leaves Earth, Morgan said he will have six years of rigorous training under his belt and a confidence in his own abilities and the abilities of his fellow astronauts.

While Morgan is a doctor, his role in space will be as a jack-of-all-trades.

All astronauts receive some medical training, are flight engineers, maintainers and scientists.

“We’re all trained to the same standards,” he said.

Morgan is now the senior Army astronaut, with three other soldiers in the program, including a physician with ties to the 10th Special Forces Group.

Morgan said NASA and Army special operations have many parallels.

Morgan hopes his background will open the door to more soldiers following him into the astronaut program.

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