A Social-Media Certification Program For Health-Care Pros

From Mayo Clinic News Network via www.sanluisobispo.com

384ced4b984d602b1e734db8c21a6b04Social media has become a vital communications tool in the health-care industry. More than 40 percent of consumers say that information on social media affects the way they deal with their health, and another 41 percent of people said social media would affect their choice of doctor, hospital or medical facility, according to recent surveys.

With that in mind, Hootsuite, the most widely use platform for managing social media, and the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media recently announced a joint initiative to create an industry-leading social media credential for medical and health-care professionals. The training leading to the credential will teach medical and health-care communications professionals how to effectively use social media technologies within the health care industry.

“It’s important for physicians and other health care professionals to understand how online social networks matter to them,” says Dr. Farris Timimi, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist and medical director for the MCCSM. “Even if they’re not yet active online – or maybe even particularly if they’re not involved – what others say about them affects their practices.”

“This certificate program will help providers develop practical competency in social media to help influence their online reputations and will help them begin to see ways they can use these tools to improve their delivery of care and the patient experience,” adds Dr. Timimi.

To meet the demands of today’s fast-paced health-care profession, students can take the course through a web-based format or from a fully optimized mobile experience. The course is offered online through an e-learning development agency. Among other things, students in this course will learn:

– the basics of major social networks

– how these social networks fit into the health care industry

– the basics of social media monitoring and analytics

– how to maintain professionalism as a health-care worker on social media

“Social media can have massive impact on health care – it can help promote health, educate people, advance science and connect health-care providers with patients,”. says Greg Gunn, vice president of new product growth at Hootsuite. “Hootsuite has always championed social media education, and this course will make it easy for professionals in the health care industry to learn how to connect with their audience and amplify their messages on social media in an effective way.”

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